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  • We've cycled through a LOT of DJs at our nightclub, "The Blue Rock Saloon." These guys have to be some of the highest caliber DJs in Central, Washington. Insane energy and charisma! Their reputation precedes them
  • Four years ago, I told a very prominent club DJ that he should come DJ my wedding. The rest is history! They did an absolutely flawless job on their very first wedding ever. Since then I have had multiple dozen prospecting couples call me asking for a referral. I tell every single one of them that it would be a mistake not to hire them!
  • Pristine made sure everything ran EXACTLY how we wanted! All of the transitions were perfect. From the day we even inquired about using their services, up until our getaway, working with Pristine Entertainment was incredible. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone for any sort of event. You will be in good hands, and you're sure to have the event of the season! Thank you Pristine Entertainment!!!
  • On the big day in the midst of all the craziness he was flexible and more than capable of rolling with whatever changes we had throughout the day. He has a great sense for music and knows how to keep the party rolling, while also playing everything you want to hear.
  • We had no issues during our event, everything transitioned smoothly and he made no mistakes. We were comforted by the fact that he is a perfectionist and excellence was his aim. Planning your wedding is extremely stressful but with jake we didn't need to stress out about the D.J. Iv recommended his business to several people and I always will.